The Awakening of the Soulful Leaders

Awakening of the Soulful Leaders- Jaap Geerlof

Awakening of the Soulful Leaders- Jaap Geerlof

The Awakening of the Soulful Leaders delivers a message of hope of a better world. Jaap Geerlof, a former CEO, introduces a new vision on the type of leadership required in tomorrow’s world.

Our world is changing rapidly and at the brink of the beginning of a new era. However, the present leadership is still based on a paradigm of a bygone era and thus not capable of solving the various crises our world is facing today, whereas the people in the street are progressively aware of an inevitable change. Our future leaders will have to be geared to guide the impending transformation. A transition that will not emerge automatically: future leadership requires an outright different set of core competences, which will have to be developed and trained.

“Never before have I read such comprehensive wisdom communicated in such a concise manner. The message of “The Awakening of the Soulful Leaders” is compelling, urgent, and deserves a broad audience.”
Michael Gerber, former Director of Quality Performance, Social Security Administration, San Francisco.

Deze titel is geproduceerd in US Engels en is in Nederland én de US verkrijgbaar.

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